Preschool Puppets

Fun and Educational Puppets for Kids

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Preschool Puppets

Preschool puppets can help encourage imaginative play for preschoolers. There are many educational puppets for kids. There are animal puppets that teach children about different farm animals, pets and animals in the wild. Kids love to make animal sounds and touch the different textures of fur, feathers, or scales that different animal puppets have.

There are people puppets that come in all different types of occupations like a doctor puppet, a policeman puppet or a construction worker puppet. People puppets let children pretend and get to know about different jobs and people in their community. There are other characters that children love that can be puppets too like a princess puppet or a fairy godmother puppet.

Some fun preschool puppets are the Gund puppets series of Sesame Street character puppets. There are educational puppets like the Baby Einstein puppets which are featured in the Baby Einstein series of DVDs and videos. Preschoolers can watch along with the DVD or video and play with their puppets too.

As you can see there are many puppets for kids to choose from. Playing puppets with your baby or preschooler is a great way to interact with your child and help them learn. The different colors, shapes, sizes and textures of preschool puppets are exciting for children. The movements and voices that you make with the puppets can teach children language development, social interaction and understanding emotions.

There are many wonderful stories that you can tell with puppets that teach morals and values to children.

You can also use preschool puppets to teach the alphabet or numbers. You can also use puppets to teach helpful behaviors like eating healthy foods, brushing your teeth and potty training.

Puppets can also help children with difficult issues like fear of the dark or separation anxiety or adjusting to having a new sibling. A puppet can be a child’s favorite toy to carry around or at bedtime or naptime too.

There are many ways to enjoy puppets that you and your child will discover as you fill their childhood with educational fun.

Easter Puppets

Easter puppets are a fun way to celebrate Easter and Spring. Puppets for Easter can be Easter bunnies, chicks and ducks or more traditional bible characters to tell the Easter story. Either way kids will love playing with Easter puppets and putting on an Easter puppet show. Here are some ideas for Easter puppets and how you can tell an Easter story using puppets.

easter puppets Easter Puppets
Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Puppets

Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Finger Puppets make great gifts for Easter baskets. They make a great alternative to so much Easter candy. Kids can play with these adorable Easter Finger Puppets made of felt. There are cute little bunnies and an Easter chick puppet.

Easter Finger Puppets Easter Puppets
Easter Finger Puppets

Easter Puppets for Kids

Easter Bunny Puppet

An Easter Bunny Puppet makes a great gift for Easter morning. You can give your child this soft and cuddly plush bunny puppet and pretend the the Easter Bunny has come to deliver eggs to children and decided to stay. Children will enjoy making up stories with their very own Easter bunny and looking for eggs and candy that he brought with him.

Easter Bunny Puppet Easter Puppets
Rabbit Hand Puppet

Easter Story Puppet Show

You can tell the true story of Easter with these bible puppets. It would make a wonderful presentation for a Sunday school class or children’s ministry at your church to put on a puppet show about the Easter story. You can get puppets for the Jesus and the disciples and Mary and all the people in Jerusalem at the time of passover and before and after the crucifixion. Using puppets really engages children and helps them learn and remember these time honored bible stories.

bible puppets Easter Puppets
Bible Puppets- 18 inch

Easter Puppet Show

Jesus Puppet

A Jesus puppet can be part of a passion play Easter puppet show. You can tell the true story of Easter with bible puppets for your youth or puppet ministry. Kids will love when you use this Jesus puppet to tell the stories of the parables and miracles and how he shows his love for us.

Jesus Puppet Easter Puppets
Jesus Puppet

Bible Puppets for Easter

Easter Ideas on Pinterest


Dr. Seuss Puppets

Dr. Seuss Puppets are a wonderful addition to reading time with the Dr. Seuss books for children. You can read Dr. Seuss stories like the Cat in the Hat and use the puppets to act out the story line or just to play with for fun. These Cat in the Hat finger puppets feature The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and the fish in the bowl.

There are several other Dr. Seuss puppets from other stories that you can get to share the joy of reading and puppetry with children you know.

Dr Seuss Puppets Dr. Seuss Puppets
Dr. Seuss CAT IN THE HAT Boxed Set

Dr. Seuss Finger Puppets

Cat in the Hat Puppet

A Cat in the Hat Hand Puppet is one of Dr. Seuss’ most popular characters. You can act out the scenes from the Cat in the Hat book and pretend that you can getting into all sorts of trouble with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Just be sure you get everything all cleaned up in time for Mom to get home so you don’t get the kids in trouble. This silly cat puppet is sure to entertain children who enjoy the story.

Cat in the Hat Puppet Dr. Seuss Puppets
Cat In The Hat Hand Puppet

Dr. Seuss Hand Puppet

horton hears a who hand puppet Dr. Seuss Puppets
Dr. Seuss Horton Hand Puppet

Dr. Seuss Puppet Book

This Dr. Seuss book is a puppet and book in one. Read along with Horton in Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who puppet book. Horton is a sweet elephant puppet that kids will enjoy playing with as they tell the story.

horton seuss puppet book Dr. Seuss Puppets
Horton Hears a Who! Can You? (Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection)

Dr. Seuss Puppet Show

Grinch Puppet

A Grinch puppet is great for kids who love the story The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. With this singing grinch puppet can act out the whole story of The Whos in Whoville and how the Grinch tried to take away Christmas. He is dressed up like Santa in his red and white fur suit. He’s not quite as jolly or fat as the real thing but he soon discovers the true meaning of the holiday and finds joy in his heart.

Grinch Puppet Dr. Seuss Puppets
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Singing Grinch Puppet

Grinch Puppets

Leprechaun Puppets

Leprechaun Puppets are a fun way to celebrate Saint Patricks Day with kids. You can do a fun leprechaun puppets craft and put on your very own Saint Patrick’s Day puppet show. There are lots of creative ideas you can use when making your leprechaun puppets. You can use green felt and orange hair, a gold buckle or a pot of gold with a rainbow. You can also get already made leprechaun puppets and use a Saint Patrick’s day story book to act out a puppet show or just play with your puppets too.

Here are some leprechaun puppets crafts and ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Leprechaun Puppets Leprechaun Puppets
Monkey Mitt Finger Puppets with Rhymes – St. Patrick’s Day Leprechauns

St. Patrick’s Day Puppet Show Scripts

Putting on a puppet show for St. Patrick’s Day can be a lot of fun. You can write a script about Leprechauns and other Irish folklore. You can read up on some of these stories and make a show about the luck of the Irish and just how you can catch a Leprechaun and make him give you his gold. Or maybe about the wishes he might grant you and other fun ideas to make celebrating St. Patrick’s day fun.

a pot of gold Leprechaun Puppets
A Pot o’ Gold: A Treasury of Irish Stories, Poetry, Folklore, and (of Course) Blarney

Saint Patrick’s Day Story Books

Leprechaun Puppet Show

Paper Plate Leprechaun Puppet Craft

You and your kids can make a simple leprechaun puppet craft using paper plates, markers and construction paper.

Color in your leprechaun face and body with markers or crayons on two paper plates.

Next cut out the leprechaun’s hair, clothes, hat, arms and legs attached them to the paper plates.

A wooden dowel or popsicle stick can be attached to the back of your leprechaun as a handle to make him move.

Paper Plate Leprechaun Puppet Craft Leprechaun Puppets
Paper Plate Leprechaun Puppet Craft

Leprechaun Puppet Craft Ideas

leprechaun bag puppet1 168x300 Leprechaun Puppets
Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppet Craft

tlep Leprechaun Puppets
Paper Bag Puppet:Leprechaun Craft

felt leprechaun finger puppet Leprechaun Puppets
Felt Leprechaun Finger Puppet

leppuppet Leprechaun Puppets
Lucky Leprechaun Puppets Craft

Leprechaun Puppet Craft Supplies

Preschool Puppets on Pinterest

Valentine Puppets

Valentine puppets make a fun craft and play idea for your little sweethearts. You can do a special puppet craft with your kids or make puppets to share with others on February 14th. There are even Valentine’s day cards for kids that they can make into puppets, which is a nice alternative to candy and is creative too.

You can also get these adorable finger puppets to play with or give as treats. You can even put on a love themed puppet show to entertain kids and adults as well. There are lots of fun ideas to use puppets to celebrate cupid’s favorite day.

valentine frog finger puppets Valentine Puppets
Vinyl Hoppy Finger Puppets (1 dz)

Valentine Puppets

Making Puppets for Valentine’s Day

Making puppets that show someone how much you love them is a nice gift anytime of year but especially on February 14th. You can make finger puppets or hand puppets that are soft and cuddly and have heart or roses on them. A cute little bear puppets with a candy heart can be just the things to say you care. They can be sock puppets or stick puppets and you can put on a little show about how you meet or what loving them means to you.

making finger puppets Valentine Puppets
Bright Eye Heart I Love Finger Puppets – Drawing Book 8 X 8 Inch

How to Make Valentine Puppets

Puppet Valentines

Puppet Valentine’s Day cards are a creative treat to give for Valentine’s Day. Kids get to wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day with these silly googly eye puppet craft cards. They get to make them and give them to their friends or even put on a puppet show with their silly creatures and creations.

valentine puppet cards Valentine Puppets
Valentine Googly-Eye Finger Puppet Cards

Valentine’s Day Puppet Show

Valentine Puppet Crafts

heart shapped finger puppet kaboose craft photo 350 fs IMG 8995 rdax 65 Valentine Puppets
Heart-Shaped Finger Puppet

valentine finger puppet valentines day craft photo 420 FF0204VALENA12 Valentine Puppets
Valentine Finger Puppet

ValLuvPup1 Valentine Puppets
Kids Craft: Valentine’s Day Luv Puppy Puppet

Valentine Puppet Craft Supplies

Sock Puppets

Sock puppets are simple puppets that you can make from socks. It can be silly and fun to create a character using a sock. All you need is a sock and your hand but when you add eyes and other accessories you can make all sorts of sock puppet creatures to perform with.

Kids love sock puppets and making puppets with children is a fun and easy craft project idea. Then you get to put on a puppet show with your sock puppets for hours of fun and creative play.

Sock Puppets Sock Puppets
Make Your Own Sock Puppets

How to Make Sock Puppets

Sock Puppets

Making Sock Puppets

Making sock puppets can be a lot of fun. If you have so old or unused socks laying around you can put them to good use. You can make lots of special characters in funny colors and textures. Just add some hair and eyes and maybe even some clothes, jewelry and a hat and you are on your way to making a creative masterpiece that you can play with. Kids love silly characters and making things so sock puppets is a wonderful combination of both. They get to pick out just what they want their puppet to look like and wear. Then they can spend hours making up silly stories for their puppets to act out.

puppet mania Sock Puppets
Puppet Mania!

Sock Puppet Ideas

Looking for ideas to create some fun sock puppets? Here is a list of some things you may have around the house or can get easily to embellish your sock puppets and create some interesting characters and creatures.

googly eyes
fuzzy pom poms
fur fabric
pipe cleaners
hot glue gun
foam stickers
construction paper

giant art jar Sock Puppets
Alex Giant Art Jar

Sock Puppet Craft

Sock Puppets

Puppets for Halloween

Halloween is a time for fun and trick-or-treating. It’s also a great time to put on a puppet show, play with puppets or dress like one. There are lots of spooky Halloween stories you can tell and creepy or silly puppets to act out your favorite ghost story or haunted tale. Here are some ideas for getting the most of this time of year with Halloween puppets.

Here’s a fun Witch hand puppet to perform with in a Halloween puppet show or take with you out on Halloween.

witch puppet Puppets for Halloween
The Puppet Company Time for Story Collection’s Witch

This bat hand puppet is more silly than scary. It’s a fun addition to your Halloween puppet show.

bat puppet Puppets for Halloween
Plush Bat Glove Puppet 7

This werewolf puppet may not be that scary but it will be howling at the moon in you Halloween puppet show or other spooky monster show that you want to put on. It is also fun for just playing with at other times too.

werewolf puppet Puppets for Halloween
Werewolf Puppet

Puppet Costume for Halloween

You can dress up as Pinocchio in this marionette costume for Halloween.

puppet costume Puppets for Halloween
Adult Marionette Puppet Costume – Adult Std.

child pinocchio costume Puppets for Halloween
Child’s Pinocchio Halloween Costume (Size: Medium 8-10)

and don’t forget Pinocchio’s nose

41p9NF oIyL. SL160  Puppets for Halloween
Pinocchio Nose

Halloween Finger Puppets

Here are some cute Halloween finger puppets that you can give out as Halloween party favors or to trick-or-treaters in addition to or instead of candy. These finger puppets are silly little vampires, witches, Frankenstein monsters and mummies.

halloween finger puppets Puppets for Halloween
Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween Puppet Show

Old MacDonald is a beloved preschool song that children love to sing along to. Old MacDonald puppets bring the song to life with Old MacDonald and each of the animals on his farm. These Old MacDonald finger puppets are a simple way to teach kids about the farm and you can take them with you anywhere.

Old MacDonald Puppets Old MacDonald Puppets
Storytime Old McDonald Finger Puppet Boxed Set

Parents, children and caregivers with enjoy these adorable Old MacDonald puppets and singing with a oink, oink here and a moo moo there.

Old MacDonald Puppets

Old MacDonald Puppet Show

Cow Puppet

With a moo moo here and a moo moo there, this cow puppet is a fun puppet to add to your Old MacDonald puppet show. Kids love farm animals and you can put on a show about all the animals you can find down on the farm. You can teach them the importance of each of the animals like how a cow gives us milk and chickens provide eggs. It is a wonderful learning tool for preschoolers.

Cow Puppet Old MacDonald Puppets
Aurora World 10″ Cow Puppet

Rooster Puppet

Every farm needs a Rooster and this Rooster puppet is a great addition to your farm animal puppet collection. You can pretend this puppet crows and wakes up all the animals on the farm and gets the farmer and his family up to start doing the chores on the farm like milking the cows and feeding the pigs and getting out in the field to plant the crops. This life like puppet will be fun for children of all ages to play with whether in a farm story or other fable or puppet show.

Rooster Puppet Old MacDonald Puppets
Rooster Puppet

Farm Animal Puppets

Old MacDonald Finger Puppets

It’s Springtime and time for Passover and Easter!  Puppets are a festive way to celebrate the spring holidays and the change of season.  Easter puppets are a great addition to any Easter Basket and give your kids something to do over the spring break.

easter bunny finger puppets Easter and Passover Puppets
12 pieces Vinyl Easter Bunny rabbit chicks Finger Puppets party favors

There are rabbit puppets and little chick puppets and lamb puppets which signify spring and rebirth.  They can be hand puppets or finger puppets.  A plush rabbit puppet makes an excellent Easter gift and the smaller Easter finger puppets are fun to put in Easter baskets or even hide inside plastic eggs for an added surprise.

folkmanis white rabbit puppet Easter and Passover Puppets
Folkmanis White Rabbit, Bunny Puppet

folkmanis chick puppet Easter and Passover Puppets
Folkmanis Chick Finger Puppet

folkmanis lamb puppet Easter and Passover Puppets
Folkmanis Lamb Puppet

These faith-based Easter puppets feature the characters who were with Jesus and his disciples at the time of the crucifixion and resurrection and can help teach the true Easter story to young children.  These are a nice addition to a Sunday School lesson or youth ministry.

christian easter puppets Easter and Passover Puppets
He Lives! Easter Finger Puppets

These Passover puppets are also a great way to teach the bible story of Exodus and Moses.  These Passover finger puppets represent the ten plagues on the Egyptians and teach this bible lesson to children in a humorous way.

passover puppets Easter and Passover Puppets
Passover "Ten Plagues" Finger Puppets Judaica

Whether you go traditional or contemporary, puppets are a fun way to engage babies, preschoolers and older children during the spring holidays.

A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together to give thanks for all their blessings.  It’s also a wonderful time for preschool and school age children to learn about our nation’s history.

A fun way to teach children about the Pilgrims’ trip to the new world in the Mayflower and that first Thanksgiving is to use puppets. Telling the story of the first Thanksgiving with a puppet show is a great way to teach early American history to young children and preschoolers.

There are several educational books that teach kids about the Pilgrims journey to America and the joyful celebration with the natives after they discover how to prosper in this harsh new land. You can involve the children by making pilgrims and native American Indian puppets and then acting out a thanksgiving story script with your puppets.

Here is a plush set of Thanksgiving puppets that are some characters for a Thanksgiving themed puppet show including Pilgrims, The Mayflower ship that the Pilgrims sailed on to the New World, Indian (Native Americans) puppets and a Thanksgiving Turkey.

Thanksgiving Puppets

Plush Kids Happy Thanksgiving Puppet Show Puppets

This is a wonderful plush puppet set.

You can make your own paper Thanksgiving puppets of the Pilgrims and Indians and tell the story of the first settlers to America and how thankful they were after their long journey and that first harsh winter to finally discover the promise and plenty that this new land held.

You can also make a script from children’s Thanksgiving stories like A Turkey for Thanksgiving which is a fun animal tale about celebrating Thanksgiving.

a turkey for thanksgiving Thanksgiving Puppets   Pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower and a Turkey for Thanksgiving
A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Turkey Puppet

A Turkey Puppet is a fun puppet to put on the Thanksgiving puppet show like the one in the story A Turkey for Thanksgiving. There are lots of other fun woodland creature puppets that and tell this fun story about native American wildlife and their Thanksgiving celebration.  It tells the story of some animal friends who want to have a turkey for Thanksgiving but not to eat, instead he becomes the honored guest at the harvest feast.

folkmanis turkey puppet Thanksgiving Puppets   Pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower and a Turkey for Thanksgiving
Folkmanis Turkey Hand Puppet

Puppets also make wonderful gifts for children and a plush turkey hand puppet would be nice present for Thanksgiving. There are fun Thanksgiving Turkey finger puppets that kids will enjoy and can keep them occupied when company comes over on Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving finger puppets 150x150 Thanksgiving Puppets   Pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower and a Turkey for ThanksgivingTurkey Finger Puppets Pilgrim and Native American Vinyl Puppets One Dozen

Thanksgiving Puppet Show

Thanksgiving Story Script Ideas

Thanksgiving Puppet Show Costumes

You may want to dress up for your Thanksgiving Puppet show by being a pilgrim and you can play the narrator of the story. Kids love puppet shows and the holidays are a great time to put on a show and use them to teach children about American history as well. You can put on a puppet show about the first Thanksgiving complete with Pilgrims and Native Americans and tell about their cooperation and how they gave thanks together for the bounty they received after the hardships of the first winters in the new land.

pilgrim costume Thanksgiving Puppets   Pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower and a Turkey for Thanksgiving
Pilgrim Woman Adult Costume Size Large

Thanksgiving Costumes

Thanksgiving Puppet Crafts

Turkey Puppets

Thanksgiving Puppets

Thanksgiving is a great time to share the joy of puppets with preschoolers and children of all ages. It can be an educational project for a grade school class to make puppets of the pilgrims and native Americans and tell the story of how the Pilgrims came to the new world on the Mayfair and had to adapt to the harsh conditions here. You can teach them about the help they received from the people here and what they learned to survive and how they gave thanks for making it through and prospering.

FOLKMANIS Native American Boy Finger Puppet from KIDFOLK COLLECTION
native american boy puppet Thanksgiving Puppets   Pilgrims, Indians, the Mayflower and a Turkey for Thanksgiving